Playful Pi Day

It was our first time making mini pizza muffins this past week. They turned out pretty good. I used pizza dough, pizza sauce and cheese. I didn’t fill them quite to the top, they rose over the top in the oven. It took only about 8 minutes so if you try this, be sure to watch them closely because each oven is different. It may take a shorter time or longer depending on your oven.




The kids and I were able to see Beauty and the The Beast. It was pretty enchanted. We had uncharacteristically beautiful weather for March and we took advantage of it by getting out there and seeing the show.


Today is the hubby’s birthday. We started it off with waffles and coffee. It’s also Pi day. I bought him a pie but we didn’t a chance to get to it.

We went bowling this morning, then spent the rest of the day playing mini golf. We wanted to try out a new outside location, but when we got there they were closed till April. We found a different location and had a lot of fun. One of us even got a hole in one.


We topped the evening off at Buca di Peppo with delicious pasta and this Colossal Brownie Sundae. It is really as big as it looks.


Topping the evening off with a movie with the family.

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