360 In 365

This time last year, I was going through a major transition. A few months prior, we lost an uncle to cancer. Cancer sucks by the way! It really does.

My job was going through a transition of its own. The hubby and I started researching moving a year or so prior, but didn’t really know if it was going to happen or not. It was definitely something we talked about, but it was more like wishful thinking. When I was told that my job wasn’t secured for the upcoming year, we had to make some decisions. It was a tough call, but at the end of the day I think we made the best decision for us.

When we decided to actually make the move, we had to kick the planning into second gear. We were in fact moving over 1700 miles from what had become home to me over the last 18 years. I’ll save the trip across country for another post- it’s definitely comical.

In the span of four months, we packed up an entire house, downsizing as much as we could up until the day we moved, traveled to see my grandma and celebrate her 90th birthday, planned a successful sweet 16 party, a surprise birthday party for the youngest as well and moved clear across the country. Oh baby, was that ever tough! Whew!


This cake was so amazing. Each layer was different. It was marble, vanilla and red velvet. The red velvet layer was so delicious.


I was trying to set up the candy bar here. It’s not quite finished in this pic. Those teens ate a lot of candy.



I love that he’s taking a selfie with his friends after they just had a blast at the theme park. They all met us there. He had no idea. It was so precious seeing them all hug as we left. I think that’s when it set in that we were actually moving for him. I blinked back a few tears just watching them.


My Mimi turned 90 years old. We are so blessed to have her still. What an amazing lady. We love her so much. I should have blogged about the trip to see her. It was funny like a lampoon’s vacation except the day of her party. That day was awesome!

I missed writing so much, but I had to set it aside to get everything in order for this move and get everything settled. I have also been helping my son finish his first book. He wrote it and illustrated it himself. So proud of the little guy for sticking it out. He’s still young, so he can draw what he sees. It was tough to come up with his own illustrations, but he finished it recently. There will be more to come on the book.

This has been a great move for us despite the send off (I will make that part of the another post when I tell you about the move.) Now that we are somewhat settled, I can pick up writing again. I feel great sharing that I am well on my way to finishing my thesis as well. I have 50 pages done, so it’s safe to say that I am a little more than 75% done. Woot Woot!

Here’s a few pics of what we’ve been up to. We just celebrated my hubby’s birthday. We are in a different place this time this year. Definitely grateful!




I put together a video from friends and family back home wishing him a happy birthday. He was surprised. He’s watching here.


This year represented something big for us. It was a milestone for him. I found this idea on pinterest. I merged a couple of ideas and used his favorite types of candy.



This was a cute little cake. I just had to get it.


Later that night for my husband’s birthday, we had s’mores and camped out all night in the living room and watched Inside Out. It was a lot of fun. My back wouldn’t say the same, but I would do it all over again for that experience and memory.

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