Hello World!

This week has been quite the busy week. My son had basketball on Tuesday and he and I had karate yesterday.  This has been a great bonding experience for us. It’s an intense class, but it is so worth the Epsom salt bath soaks. Last night on the way home, he said,”Mom, I’m so glad that we take this class together. It’s funny because we have so much fun that we don’t even realize class when class is over. It goes so fast.” I love that there is a mutual respect between us in there and at home. When we are practicing, he asks me questions and I ask him questions as well. We’re in the process of learning Japanese terms. It’s not easy, but because we are a support to one another, it’s easier than it would be if it were just one of us.

I felt a little bad because we didn’t read before bedtime like we usually do. After karate, we came home and ate because we didn’t have time before. I made spinach rice and it just finished right before we had to leave. That meant we had to wait till after class to eat. He and I fell asleep in my room watching an episode of Flip or Flop. This was the episode where Tarek and Christina help a family friend, Carlos, with a house. We got to see the whole episode, then both of us were out.

Today my oldest and I attended her very first college tour. What an experience. We arrived on campus one minute past the time because traffic was unexpectedly stop and go. After finding the visitor’s booth, we were given directions to a parking structure. I totally botched it and took us way out of the way. I admit it, I am directionally challenged at times, but these directions were not clear at all.

Obviously, we missed the guided tour. After finally finding the right place to park, we stumbled upon the group that we were supposed to be with the for the guided tour. They literally had two stops left and we were just beginning. We hung out for the two stops which were at the doors of the building we had just entered and then right by the tree outside of said building. Hilarious right? We thought so too, but they were kind of enough to talk to us for a few minutes afterwards and direct us to one of her areas of interest.

She and I spent the whole day walking around campus getting familiar with things. Our self guided tour was pretty thorough. My goal was to help ease her mind about college life and hopefully I did that. We toured the dorms, the library, the student center, you name it. What a wonderful day to be able to spend with my baby girl. It’s days like this and yesterday that I get to cherish quality time with my kids. It energizes me and I appreciate that.

Today’s trip was all about introducing her to a new world. I kind of chuckled a bit because when she was born, she literally jumped out. The doctor had to catch her. Ouch! She was like hello world. Here I come!  Now as we begin to explore college options, I can’t help look back on our journey and smile. Every year that we’ve been able to have conversations which was early on, I’ve always told her to enjoy every age. Today she told me that while she was excited about college, she was definitely going to miss us and didn’t want to leave us. I told her that it felt good to hear that and I suppose we did a pretty good job. She agreed and said,” Oh yeah, you guys have been great. That’s why it’s going to hard.” The wisdom and sincerity of this kid sometimes baffles me. It amazes me. I like being in wonder of things like this. I’m so glad we have days like today to reflect.

As I sit here watching Star Struck with my son, I think about the simple things like erupting into a thousand giggles when your son and you both mess up a pronunciation on a karate term or a kata kick… The 18,665 steps you take to spend a great day with a great gal or an honest, sweet conversation with your best girl friend in whole wide world. We don’t always get it right, but sometimes we do. Embrace life. Embrace love. Sometimes kick up your heels and say hello world… oh and laugh a lot along the way.






3 thoughts on “Hello World!

    1. She’s kind of open right now. We’re looking at the Cal State system, UCLA and schools like that. The major she was considering at first was only in the Cal State system and one private college that costs a gazillion dollars.lol. She is now rethinking her major just because she’s not sure it will hold her interest. She’s artistic at her very core and wants something in that realm in some small way. Even if it’s marketing and she gets to use her on camera experience, journalism,etc. Glad we have some time to decide.

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      1. I highly recommend a Communications Degree. It is the most versatile degree. I’d also recommend her looking at areas in the school of communications that she would like to explore. She will have time to figure out her concentration but to keep it interesting than just general Ed courses, take 1 or 2 classes a semester that sound fun. I did communications with broadcasting emphasis. I am involved in media (more so social media) but recently just started helping a friend with her new online TV show. So it has came back full circle 20 years later. I also have done a lot of work marketing and website development over the years so specializing in 2-3 areas only make you more versatile 🙂 can’t wait to see what she decides! Praying for clear direction!


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