Adventures Over Easter Weekend

I had a great Easter weekend. On Saturday, Lexy and I were fortunate enough to be able to help at an Easter egg hunt and barbecue. We donated three baskets and made one for some children who didn’t have baskets. She and I helped out at the craft table for most of the day. We also helped hide the eggs. There were over 1000 eggs. To see the laughter in some of these children’s eyes and hear their giggles was so infectious and rewarding. I played a little basketball with the kids and for some reason, they were misinformed. They thought that girls couldn’t play. I played like a girl. Oh, it was great. I love that element of surprise when they realize I can actually play. It was tough coming off of such a great but tiring day before, but for this cause it was well worth it.

It was our first Easter at our new residence. My husband and I got up somewhat early that morning and hid 48 eggs. I filled them with jellybeans, chocolate eggs, Cadbury type eggs, skittles and there were two golden (yellow) eggs with prizes. Usually she finds them both, but this year the little one was on a mission. He found one and she found the other. He started the hunt sprinting through the house before we had to tell him to relax a little. He was so intent on doing better this year in finding eggs. He did find quite a few- even after he slowed down.

While the kids hunted, my husband supervised so as to make sure no eggs were left behind for the cats. I watched when they were in the kitchen and living room.  I was on pancake duty. It was hilarious when they would be right next to an egg I know I hid and they’d miss it. He and I would look at each other and just crack up laughing. It was pretty funny.

After the egg hunt and breakfast, we got ready for the day. We headed to target to pick up sandwich meat and didn’t realize they were closed. We trekked it back to Walmart and found everything we needed for the trip. There was only slight issue…. We didn’t know where to go.

The family had a laugh at my expense when I asked the cashier about the nearest beach. You’d thought I asked her if the sky was all of a sudden green and pink with purple bow ties. lol. I discovered that the look was because she didn’t know. Another coworker suggested one to us.

In the car, we were trying to decide on which beach we would try. I used Siri to map out and most of them were at least an hour an half away with traffic. The funny thing was at least two were within 4-5 minutes time difference, so it really didn’t matter which one we chose. We’d get there at the same time or somewhat close to the same time.

We found a pretty awesome beach and had a wonderful time. As soon as we got there, we found a spot and set up our camp. Simple sandwiches and chips were the choice items and we did enjoy. Not one of us remembered our coats because the weather was nice before we left. We have to get used to the breeze near the water and keep that in mind in the future. It’s a good thing we each had a towel.

After we ate, the hubby decided he would cover the little one in sand. The little one did agree to the challenge. They covered him pretty much up to his neck in sand. There wasn’t enough time to cover dad, but he agreed to be next. I am not a willing participant. I’m a mere spectator.


In this pic, they’re chasing each other with seaweed.


Just sitting back watching them was enjoyment enough for me.

This weekend was pretty action packed. Not quite like the last few Star Wars movies we watched Saturday night after the egg hunt and barbecue, but it was eventful. So grateful for family time I am.

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