Smell The Rose

It’s amazing how we look forward to the weekend, then we cram everything we possible can into that weekend. From barbecues to workshops to every event you could possibly imagine, we put it on our calendars and hope to goodness that we can fit it all end. The amusing part is that we try so hard to have fun, that we actually tucker ourselves out in the process.

I am definitely guilty of this. This weekend was packed before it even began. My son had a video shoot on Friday. It was an absolute blast. I met some great people and he connected with some wonderful children as well. That Friday morning began with my alarm clock not going off. Thank goodness that my husband had his set. I was up 45 minutes after the originally planned time, but thank goodness I got up. You talk about getting ready fast… I have never been ready in 15 minutes before and out the door- including a shower and getting a young one up and ready. Thank goodness I packed everything the night before.

So with time having about a 45 minute advantage on us, we dug in and made the best of what we had to work with. That’s just how you have to do it sometimes. We did arrive exactly 15 minutes prior to our call time – sweet!

Fast forward to Saturday morning… My son had a sports ceremony/ barbecue that afternoon and for some reason I could not get out the door to the store to get the ingredients for what I was making. My day was pretty much booked. Upon finally hightailing it out of the house to the store, I found the crafts that I needed for the following evening’s events and the grocery items for the barbecue just in the nick of time. I got home and made delicious pecan candy, but burned my hand in the process when I instinctively caught a falling hot praline when I was trying to transport it from the pot to the pan to cool. Not the smartest thing I’ve done, but I survived of course.

Sunday was just as busy as the other days, so I won’t get into details. I’ll just say what I learned from this weekend and that is this… Definitely go out and enjoy all that life has to offer, but be sure to take time to stop and smell the roses sometimes. This weekend was fun for sure. I won’t have every weekend this jam packed, but I’m sure I will have more like it. I will make sure that I stop along the way and enjoy the beauty of life and not just get to this appointment right after the one just before it.

Take one weekend day and just relax. If you already do, then great! Keep at it. If you don’t, make it a point to find a few hours of serenity. It does your mind and body good.

As I recover from my weekend and reflect, I am thankful that I am able to be on the go but I’m also thankful for reflection and the realization that I can’t do everything. Some of us are too hard on ourselves when I don’t accomplish every goal we set. That doesn’t mean that when you don’t make a goal it’s time to quit. No! It’s time to keep moving forward, but you need to have balance. With most everything, find balance.

A new week begins today and I must get out my checklist and work. I know that my son’s book is on the list of priorities. I want him to have it done before the end of the school year. He’s done his part. Now it’s time for mama to do hers. I am pages away from finishing my thesis among other things. I will do my best to keep a balance this week. Find your balance this week. Have a great week!


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