Witnessing Greatness

I took some time away from writing for enjoyment to finish my thesis and help my son finish his first children’s book. I know it seems like ages since I’ve written anything just to write. I’d thought about writing a quick post for several times over, but I kept going back to that thesis. I had a plan to complete it on or before the last day of May this year and I am happy to say that I finished it on May 31st. I know I will need to complete my defense for it, but I am so thankful to be done with the research and the paper. There have been a wide range of emotions associated with writing that paper- everything from joy and excitement to frustration and determination to just be done. That includes everything in between.

A few weeks back, we took a family trip to the beach. It was a nice day to just get away and relax. I needed it to muster up enough strength to finish this big project by the deadline I set for myself. While we were there, we witnessed a rescue. Apparently, a swimmer was attacked by a shark. We were witnessing something magnificent, but we had no clue because it so far away from shore. The way they all worked together to save a life was amazing.

This incident stuck with me and I knew it would be my next post. I was relieved first of all that they were able to save her and get her the medical attention she needed. Witnessing things like this really puts thing into perspective sometimes.

It made me start to think about all the times we witness great things and we don’t even recognize it. I began to think about gifts and talents as well and how each of us has something inside of us that is great- whether we have tapped into it or not. How many times have you witnessed greatness or just something great and didn’t realize it? I’m sure we’ve all done it. It can be the smallest of things. Greatness doesn’t have to be something so big that it’s obvious. Often times it’s the subtleties.

This week take the time to be grateful for the little things that don’t seem so big. Don’t constantly look for the grand show when quiet magnificence shines before you. Embrace yourself and what you have to offer.

When my son finally published his book, he was so excited and proud. I was and still am very proud of him as well. The thing that really stands out is that he is a really good artist to be so young. He can draw cartoon characters just by looking at the picture and it will look like the picture. What’s more difficult is coming up with a picture in your own mind. It’s tough when you first start to draw to create images out of nothing. He had a tough time drawing images and had to redraw them eventually. It was discouraging to have to start over, but he eventually drew all the pictures and colored them. Still, I look at the pictures and I know someone will find criticism with them because they are not some super cool cartoon character or superhero they’ve seen before. Honestly, it does not matter though. I am proud of him for pushing through the frustration and doing it anyway. When he wanted to quit, he kept going anyway to see it through.

The splendor was in his determination to see this project to completion in spite of his frustration. It was also in his sense of pride once it was done. His book is about dreaming. It is meant to inspire children to dream and dream big.  I think it inspired me too. For me, witnessing the process from start to finish was witnessing greatness.


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