My name is Patrice. I was born and raised in the good ole bluegrass state where the tips of the blades really are blue. I am a southern girl at heart. I still say I reckon, I’m fixing to at times and I swanny, I swear. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

Somewhere in my twenties, a girl met a guy and moved to Minnesota and that’s where I was up until 2015. That’s right, we moved clear across the country, trading in winter boots and twelve coats for sunshine and warmth. That move was quite a feat, but we managed.

I sometimes feel like I am busier now than I was in Minnesota. Who knew kids could be so busy with stuff! I have a teenager and a school age child. Ahhh, the joys of life.  I have two talented children in the arts , so we tend to be on the go quite frequently.   My time is spent between work, homework, being a chef, playing taxi cab and limo driver, taking on small projects, helping my daughter with her business venture, writing and creating stories. I have been writing for a number of years and absolutely love it. I have an Associates Degree in Digital Filmmaking, a Bachelors in Screenwriting and just one thesis class away from having completed my Masters in Teacher (it’s not so easy with my schedule). I am a licensed teacher although I haven’t been teaching. At some point I will buckle down and finish that last course. When I can, I work on set, usually in front of the camera acting and such for commercial, industrial and film projects (these are the occasional small projects I take on).  Sometimes I’m on set with one of my children as the transportation. That’s fun too because I meet cool people and get to watch the kids having fun doing something they enjoy.

To date, I have written numerous short scripts, a feature length screenplay, a children’s book and a novel.  I am helping my son finish his first children’s book in between his schedule.  He’s a pretty good artist, so he will illustrate his own book.  Time spent with my family is the most fulfilling aspect of what I do.


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