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The idea for a blog came in 2012 when I had surgery for the first time.  It was Christmas time and I was off from work for six weeks recuperating. My days were filled with sleep, more sleep, The Doctors the show, and Dr. Oz. It prompted me to do a little research of my own to help my family to be healthy and just live life, having fun along the way and share what I knew.

I had been observing how a colleague at work handled stress and her take on gratitude- she just happened to be widowed after 25+ years of marriage. Her wisdom, gratitude for life really caused me to reflect on my own blessings. She always says,’ It’s the little things,” and while I’d heard it before, it finally clicked.  A few months after my “dare to be grateful attitude” began, I was tested- but of course!  We started having car troubles and  instead of the frustration of having to fork out money set a side for a rainy day, I fixed my mind on the idea that gratitude was the best option for a less stressful situation. It turned out to be a good thing. Not too long after the first issue, I found myself needing to replace new tires on our all wheel drive vehicle.  On the side of the road at 9 o’clock at night in downtown Minneapolis, my teenage daughter said to me, “Well I guess it’s time to make some lemonade.” A tiny light bulb above my head flicked on and I heard a little ding sound. It only reiterated what I had been feeling and trying to do for a while and thus Fix Lemonade was born.

This blog is about us navigating through life’s big and small adventures while at the same time just enjoying things for what they are. I’ll share our journal with our readers. You might find recipes, day to day activities, funny things my kids or husband say too funny not to share, a little of this, a little of that,etc.  Even though Fix Lemonade is not exactly about making real lemonade, lemonade does happen to be one of our favorite things to drink. I’ve created a place of its own for some cool recipes and things to share. Fix Lemonade is more about finding fulfillment in life.  Read along as I show you how we fix lemonade.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to fix a little lemonade of your own.

Tag along during our adventures and what may be sometimes funny but awkward misadventures. I’m a Southern girl at heart with big city ideas. We plan to fix some lemonade and have a good time!


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